Get an immediate response about your VIKING appliance problems is extremely important and we completely understand that. Our service is available for your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at our toll free number


West Los Angeles:               (310) 751-0414

(310) 362-7363

Central Los Angeles:       (323) 620-6666

East Los Angeles:             (213) 816-1779

SF & SGV Valley areas:  (818) 640-7877

Fax:                                           (818) 817-0645


Our goal is to make scheduling an appointment to repair your appliance as easy as possible. The new Click to Call feature makes it easy & convenient to speak with our office staff.


  • Request an immediate phone call
  • Input your telephone number & choose the time most convenient for you to have us call you back
  • Enables you to ask any additional questions before scheduling your own appointment online.

To use the new Click to Call feature, look for the Click to Call button

800 number  Contact Us click to call small o

Your comments and suggestions about our service are always welcome. They help us grow professionally and provide the kind of service that you expect from the best appliance service company.

Don’t Call a Repairman, Call a Specialist!

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